Brookside Museum is home to the Saratoga County Historical Society (SCHS). SCHS cares for over 25,000 historic artifacts that tell Saratoga County’s story. SCHS resources and collections are available for study at Brookside during open hours (Tuesday through Friday 10 – 4 and Saturday 10-2). Research assistants are usually available to assist on Thursday and Fridays and may be scheduled by appointment if needed. However, appointments are not necessary if you feel comfortable using the resources without assistance.

Members of the museum may utilize the resources for free; Non-members are charged $5/ day for use of resources. Photocopying services are available at $.25/ copy.

Resources at Brookside:

1. The Collection

2. The Irena Wooton Research Library

3. Surname Files

4. Vertical Files

5. Research Services

Resources not at Brookside:

1. Library Resources in Saratoga County
2. Historians in Saratoga County
3. Historical Societies in Saratoga County

If you are unable to conduct research at Brookside personally, research can be done for you. Simple requests (those which rely on SCHS resources and can take under 30 minutes) can be done for free by museum researchers. Complex requests (that that may require using resrouces from other repositories and that may take more than 30 minutes) can be completed on your behalf by experienced researchers for a fee. Check out Research Services for details. You may also purchase copies of surname and vertical files; check out Research Services for details.

In addition to resources at Brookside, we also work closely with the local historians and other repositories in the area.


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