Winter in Saratoga

<b>1977.037.0195</b><br>Milton Avenue, Ballston Spa  <br>By Jesse Sumner Wooley<br>Jesse Wooley Photograph Collection <br>Gift of: Nancy Dederer    <br><br>A man with a shovel stands next to an enormous snowdrift on Milton Avenue.

1977.037.0195 Milton Avenue, Ballston Spa By Jesse Sumner Wooley, Jesse Wooley Photograph Collection. Gift of: Nancy Dederer. A man with a shovel stands next to an enormous snowdrift on Milton Avenue.

A hundred years ago, winter was far more difficult than it is today. Before the days of central heat, electric stoves, and snowplows, winter required a good deal of preparation. Stocking up on food and fuel, making or mending winter clothing, and ensuring that the house was prepared for harsh winds and snow were great challenges.

Major snow storms could be crippling, suspending travel and industry for days. Yet, there was a sense of community among residents of Saratoga. Many would lend their horse teams, shovels, and personal energy to help clear out major roads and dig out trolleys that may have become stuck in the snow.

Brookside’s collection of documents, photos, and objects reveals the realities of winter in Saratoga a century ago. Despite the difficulties of keeping warm, getting around, and working through winter, the people of Saratoga still found ways to make the most of it and enjoy the winter season.

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