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05.07.14 Sun + Lambs = Great Day for Sheep to Shawl

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05.06.14 The Sheep Come Back Tomorrow!








04.30.14 Sheep Manners

Sheep are interesting creatures.  They can be playful, shy, bold and curious.  At the Sheep to Shawl program, you get to see the many sides of sheep.  When meeting the sheep, it is best to be polite.  Yelling, laughing loudly, moving quickly- acting like this can frighten the sheep and they’re likely to hide in the back of the shed.

If you want to meet the sheep, speak quietly, move slowly and follow the directions of the farmers.  Also, be patient.  Sometimes it takes time for the sheep to feel safe and curious about their visitors.

Be sure to ask the farmers questions when you meet the sheep.  They can tell you a lot about their woolly friends.


04.28.14 What is “Ask a Sheep?”

Have you ever asked a sheep a question?

While you probably wouldn’t get a response that you could understand, spending time with sheep can be fun and you can learn a lot.  We’re looking forward to spending time with sheep in a few weeks during the Sheep to Shawl program at Brookside Museum.

This blog will give you the opportunity to ask questions about sheep.  We, your trusty sheep detectives, will find the answers for you.

  •     - Wondering about what sheep eat?
  •     - Want to know what makes Merino wool so special?
  •     - Curious about the differences between knitting, crocheting and weaving?

We’ll find out and share our discoveries, with pictures.  This is a great way to prepare for Sheepto Shawl program and also a fun way to continue the field trip experience after your visit.

Ask questions by sending an email to  We’ll find the answers and post them here!

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