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A Small but Important Artifact for Memorial Day

Within Brookside’s collection is a small artifact, that appears on first glimpse to be a coin.  However, the story is far more fascinating and touching than anyone might expect.  This item is the identification badge or “dog tag” of Corporal William Secor of the 2nd Vermont Regiment.  Originally from Saratoga County, young William, a carriage maker’s apprentice, enlisted in Vermont.  He was mortally wounded at Antietam and died the next day.   It is likely that this badge was in the family’s collection for a long time after being sent home with his belongings.  It eventually made its way to the Saratoga County Historical Society in 1984.  A monument to William now stands in the Clifton Park Cemetery in the town of Halfmoon.

On this Memorial Day, we offer our thanks to William Secor and all of the other soldiers who sacrificed so much.

For more information:

Brookside Artifact:;id=701E46FC-DE42-4A7B-8BC1-705085020408;type=101

Local independent historian Nancy Morris worked to uncover the story of Civil War soldier William Secor, his service and his sacrifice.  Learn more about her efforts to research Mr. Secor:

William Secor’s story was also featured on this blog about the stories of individual Civil War Soldiers.  A photograph of William Secor can also be viewed here:

William Secor Dog Tag


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